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chicken 114

Oven roasted chicken

  We’ve been missing in action.  Action traveling, surgery, and now recovery.  This is my first post in around a month. I thought it would be great to start with something that we love. Traditional, delicious, and so easy to make: we’re talking a oven roasted chicken that is a beautiful golden brown, and is better than the rotisserie chicken that...

barbacoa tacos

Barbacoa Breakfast Tacos

What did I find during a recent trip to my local grocery store?  Two gorgeous London Broil steaks on sale weighing in between 2-3 pounds each.  While I didn’t have a plan for them yet I couldn’t pass them up.  Afterall, if I couldn’t think of anything creative to do with them, then I could always throw them on the...

cream of chix soup

Cream of Chicken with Roasted Garlic Soup

The weather has been perfect here in Virginia the last two weeks.  It’s beautiful outside.  Fall is definitely in the air. One of the things I love most is soup, and with it becoming cooler outside I couldn’t think of a better time to start getting soup and stew recipes together.   Emery must have been thinking the same thing,...

sweet potato bacon pasta

Creamy sweet potato and bacon pasta

Unusual?  Just a little.  Tastes good?  Absolutely! I’ve noticed that we’re starting to have cooler nights and mornings here in Virginia.  This makes me happy because I feel Fall fast approaching.   Fall is my favorite time of year, and it gives me tons of inspiration to make fall type dishes that not only use seasonal vegetables like sweet potatoes,...

butter chicken over rice and nan

Indian Butter Chicken over Spiced Rice

While I love Indian food I’ve never had butter chicken before.  It’s one of the most recognizable Indian dishes, approachable to Westerners, and fairly easy to make.  Until the other night I had no idea what my life had been missing. Driving home from work is a pretty long drive.  I was starving, and hadn’t had anything to eat since...

quinoa 1

Cilantro and Lime Quinoa

Seasoned rice with lime and cilantro? Yes, please! Change that to quinoa and I’ve got something special. In case there was any wonder I love Chipolte! Chipolte restaurants are the best. When I used to live back home in the Washington, DC area they were everywhere, and I ate there all the time. So, when I moved to Central Virginia,...

rice and beans 4

Red Beans and Rice

Red beans served over hot rice is not only a New Orleans staple, but a world wide recognizable dish of Louisiana. My recipe for red beans and rice uses ham hocks, andouille sausage, and lots of Louisiana love. When I was young we lived in an area called Metairie-Kenner in the Jefferson parish right outside of New Orleans, and part of...

Caramel apple cake forked

Caramel Apple Cake

This caramel apple cake is amazing!  Like, I can’t stop eating it crazy good amazing. That was just on the first day, since it’s been in the refrigerator and gotten cold I want another piece every time I look in the fridge. It’s loaded with apples and caramel, but let’s not forget about the creamy frosting.  Yep!  I said creamy...

soba noodles 206

Soba Noodles with vegetables and scallion sauce

  Cold soba noodles with a Asian inspired sauce tossed with blanched vegetables?  Why, yes! Perfect for summer, too.  It’s been a little less summery around here lately, but theses noodles are refreshing even in the air conditioning. Traditionally soba noodles are served cold in Japan, so I thought I’d stick with serving them the same way.  If it’s not...

bread 186

Easy no knead crusty bread

Who’s an awesome baker?  Umm… I wish!  I’m definitely getting better, but this thing makes me look like a professional! This loaf a bread is crusty, crunchy on top, and perfectly perfect inside. Plus, I didn’t have to knead it, which is awesome!  Especially since I have carpal tunnel syndrome and it makes it a little bit hard to do....

rice salad 258

Rice, black bean, and corn salad

Holy smokes is this refreshing!  With the lime juice and the red wine vinegar it just feels like summer time in my mouth.  All I’m thinking is this would go excellent with a little chicken on the barbie, and a margarita! In case you aren’t aware I’m trying to health it up a bit.  Recap… I hurt my back, feeling...

July Income Report

Money Month Two: July 2014

Hi, it’s Kimie here to report all about what we earned from our making money blogging efforts. I’m so happy about this past months numbers.     In case your new to visiting us over here at Hungry Foodies I’m the beauty behind the brains. Okay, so not really, but I’m one of two people that make this website tick....

roll ups 179

Cream Cheese herb spread

Herby goodness is all I can say!  Add cream cheese to it, and you have instant magic!  Seriously folks, how could cream cheese with anything go wrong, ever? So, this was such a easy recipe!  To make cream cheese herb spread you only need a few ingredients. First up, herbs!  Add those herbs with some cream cheese, a little bit...

thai chicken noodle163

Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Asian. Food. Favorite.  These three words usually go together in my mind, heart, and taste buds.  I definitely think I have a problem here.  Emery caught me talking to the pot of this wonderfully lemon grass, ginger, and garlic infused broth.  It wasn’t pretty. Sing songy talking me telling it that I couldn’t wait to eat it so it would...


Quick Beef Chili

Super beefy.  I want some more right now.  When I say quick for chili I really mean 2 hours.  I wish I could take the credit for this recipe, but Emery made it for us, and I’m so glad that I can share it with you. I know chili is usually for Fall or winter, but there was something about...

veggie stirfry 0134

Kale and radicchio Stir Fry

Why haven’t I ever cooked radicchio before? The bitter leaves are delicious, especially with a pinch of sugar.  I tossed the rest with a little bit of healthy kale, garlic, shredded carrots, and bean sprouts.  It gives me the things I love about vegetables.  The earthy taste and texture while eating healthy and making me feel good inside.  To me,...

pasta salad 93

Creamy Vegetable Pasta Salad

Have mayonnaise?  I only ask because you’re going to need some to make this awesome pasta salad.  It’s summer time, and I can’t stop making food for summer.  This is no exception!  How good does creamy pasta salad go with a hamburger or hot dog right off the grill?  I know you feel me. When I opened my pantry that...

Watermelon 74 square

Watermelon Mojito Salad

Cold and refreshing is the only way I can describe watermelon.   Watermelon is one of those fruits that is only available in the summer.  You can find grocery stores that carry them during other times of the year, but to have a really good watermelon the summer is the best time.   When purchasing watermelon some of the best...

coffee 52

Iced caramel coffee

Love caramel so much!  I made this incredible caramel sauce, and my mind went instantly to coffee.  Coffee with ice cubes and homemade whipped cream.  What I was left with reminded me of the caramel macchiato that I used to get at Starbucks, but over ice instead of blended. Here it is pictured with yesterdays little turkey burgers!  I know…...

burger 33 square

Mini turkey burgers

Cuteness stops me dead in my tracks.  Puppies, kittens, chubby little babies… forget-about-it!  I’m done.  I’ll stand there and ewww and awwww all day.  These little turkey burgers are no exception.  After making them I just stood there thinking that they were so darn cute, and next to my homemade potato chips they looked extra small. Of course with something...

June income

Money Month One: June 2014

While I have been blogging for some time now, I haven’t been doing it very seriously until the last six to seven months. When I look back and think of all the times I should have been posting, taking pictures, learning about blogging, and especially networking I get a little frustrated with myself. I’ve had time available to invest in...