Two hungry foodies sharing their love of food!

About Us

Hi there!

I’m Kimie a photographer who loves to cook.  Although I’ve had a lot of cooking fails over the years I try my best to cook up something delicious.  My husband, our two cats, our dog, and I live about an hour southwest of Washington, DC.

During the week I work for a whole food supplement company, and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned while being there.  Our bodies are these amazing machines, that must have all parts working together to perform at it’s best.  Food is such an wonderful and powerful component to our lives.  It can provide us all we need to be live a healthy life filled with energy and health, but if we overdo it, then it can be our worst enemy.

My relationship with food is simple… if I like it then I eat it, and sometimes I eat way too much.


In 2013 I was offered a position as a full-time traveling photographer captioning portraits of families, children, pets, and churches.  I was so grateful for the opportunity and excited for the future.

Unfortunately my cervical spine decided to crash, and I ended up in a wheelchair shortly after.  I was paralyzed from the chest down to my toes.  That was terrifying, but thankfully after an emergency surgery I’m walking.

Now in 2017 I’ve had two more additional surgeries.  Although I may walk a little clumsily every now and then, I’m still walking, cooking, and living life to my fullest.  This has allowed me to be able to share my story with others, and I’m so grateful for that privilege.

My amazing husband Emery, is a professional Chef, so he adds helpful hints, shares recipes, invents new recipes, and is the best tasting guinea pig a girl could ask for.


I love how much he loves to cook and the excitement he shares with me when we make something that tastes great, meanwhile holding my hand while I have a MRI, or going to my doctor’s appointment with me just because he knows I’m scared.

Most of the recipes we cook together (and separately) are more on the healthy side, but not always. We still love pies, cakes, cookies, almost everything fried, and… let’s not start talking about pasta!

Some of our favorite foods are from other wonderful places around the world.  We love anything Asian.  I’m half Korean, so Korean food is top of my list, Thai, and Vietnamese to name a few, plus Indian, and anything from the Middle East.  Plus my dad is from the south, so I love southern dishes.

Emery’s roots are southern as well, but his family is from upstate New York,  French Canadian, and German, which helped shaped his cooking style.  Plus, his family is a wonderful blend of some amazing cooks, and bakers.  His grandfather was a professional baker, and I think passed the baking and cooking bug down.

We try everyday to live life to the fullest.  Thank goodness he helps keep me grounded, otherwise my head would be flying high in the sky with my latest “great” idea!

We love to meet new people, share in other’s joys, and be thankful for each day.