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Being Thankful for today

Being Thankful for today

Sometimes it takes a moment to understand that life is our greatest journey. Not the things that we use to define ourselves in this life, but just life.

Looking back I see so many mistakes I’ve made, the things that I haven’t accomplished, and all the things I wish I could do over. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for a mad scientist to appear with his time machine. Until then, my life’s journey is to be happy and thankful for today.

I know this is an unusual post, but this blog is so much apart of our life that I want to share more about us. This is a journal about food, what recipes we’ve found, and it sort-of chronologically documents what we’re eating… like a food diary. I’ve noticed that my emotions will manipulate my food choices just as strongly as what seasonal ingredient I can find does, which further suggests that this blog is our own food diary published for the world to see.

Here lately life hasn’t been frozen custard or dark chocolate almond bark (both of which are my favs), but more like tomato soup without the grilled cheese sandwich, which is alright.

Alright isn’t bad, but it’s not the best either.

It all started about two months ago when our blogging buddy dog, Katie Bear ate 3-4 days worth of my supplements and medicine. The poor thing had a seizure, a drop in blood sugar, a little less than a week with the vet, and almost died. Our little kitty cats knocked my pill box organizer off the counter, and once it was open our Katie Bear had a feast of pills. My heart is so thankful that I found the box laying on the floor before work, otherwise I would have come home to the unthinkable.

Then Emery scooted off to Boston, MA to for work for a week.

It was such a sacrifice for him to be away from us here that he had to go and see the sights.  Did you know that they have a Sam Adam’s Brewery there?  Me neither, but guess who found it?  He loved Boston, and I hope we can go together to see the sights soon.

Right now I’m drinking a cup of tea thinking about our whirlwind holiday weekend.  From visiting my family then to his it’s been a busy weekend, and we ate all the fatty delicious foods that came with it all.  So, tomorrow I start my new diet, which I’m pretty excited about.

It’s going to be  mixture of Weight Watchers and another diet that Emery’s aunt and cousins had great success doing.  The majority of foods will consist of lean protein, a few pieces of fruit, and lots of vegetables a day.  Keeping track of it all on the Weight Watchers app will hopefully help keep me on track.  It’s going to be fun thinking up new recipes that use no oil, butter, sugar, but taste great and are healthy.

They’ll be some old school recipes that will come up now and there too, but you’ll notice lots of chicken, fish, and veggies.

Super excited to start tomorrow.  Wish me luck folks and happy holidays to you and your love ones.

Tah-tah for now.  🙂





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