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Blogging Resources

I thought it might be a great idea to share what how we were able to build our blog, maintain it, and what we learn along the way.

This may change from time to time as we find something new.

** Disclaimer – The information we’ve provided are sites and items that we use on our blog, however a couple of websites are affiliate links, which means that I can earn a commission if you purchase through those links.  **


How to get started Blogging:


To host our site the choice was clear!  We love Blue Host.  They are the most user-friendly, customer driven, and best hosting site we’ve found so far.  Our website crashed when we tried migrating to another site.  Right now we’re back for good.

They have great specials for new accounts and fully support WordPress sites.  Plus have loads of items available to help you build and manage your site in your dashboard.



We choose to use a pre-built theme that could be changed based on the specification that we wanted for our blog. After much research Kale from Lyra Themes was perfect for us.

Lyra Themes has five themes available and are fully customizable.  I really liked how I could start using a free theme, and upgrade once I knew it was for me to the Pro version. That’s really different than many of the other pre-built themes I found out there.


We use WordPress as our platform to build our site on.   I think it’s important to mention that there are two types of WordPress options out there – and  If you’re wanting to host your own blog/website with the possibility of making money with ads or selling items, then you would want to use Here’s a great article I found online that explains it clearly.


Mail Poet is a free plugin that will help you manage your subscriber list, send custom newsletters, and schedule e-mails.  Up to the first 2000 subscribers is free.







While I wish I was able to take photos in the morning next to a bright and sunny window I’m usually not so lucky.  I love my Lowell Ego Digital Imaging Light.  I use this with a form board bent in half to reflect the light onto my food images.

If you’re serious about taking any photographs of items or food that are true to color, then I would find a indoor light source like this one that will allow you to adjust the white balance of your image.



Foam Board is a life saver!  When taking photos I love using foam board to reflect light from either the window or my LowelEgo Light.



Monetizing the Blog:




Viglink is a SEO friendly site that turns text into affiliate links.  So instead of signing up with multiple affiliate links VigLink does it for you. If you click on the image to the left you can read more about VigLink disclosure and what it does. VigLink

GourmetAds is an advertisement firm that works with food bloggers.  They help by fomatting ads that will appeal to our visitors.  Based on the number of advertisements that are on your web page and the number of page views your website receives will determine the monthly revenue.